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With a Business Page, your company will be listing in our Vendor Directory.  You will be searchable by Category, Location or Key words.

Companies with the most likes, most viewed and most check-ins will also show at the top of those respective lists. Brides and Grooms message you, go to your website, send an email, Like you, follow you and save to thier favorites. You can link as many photos & Videos to your page as you like. You can create Blogs, Polls, Coupons Events and list products, services or packages in the Vendor Marketplace. You will also be able to post messages to followers. "Vendor Gold" package is required for the Business Page Listing.

If you are logged in as a FREE Vendor you canUpgrade from FREE Vendor to GOLD Member Click here.
It is only $99 for an entire year. Your First Sale will pay for a whole year of advertising

If you are NOT registered on the site yet, Click here to Register

Additional Benefits of Vendor Gold package: Free Banner Ads, Discounts on many sponsorship and features available.See Membership Levels here


Banner ads are available throughout the site. You can create banner ads here. You will need to upload an image either a complete add or an image to include with text for ad. Our System is simple to use, however if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. Different ads placements have different pricing. Pricing for each ad unit may vary depending on if you purchase by the day, cpm or cost per click.


Gold Vendors have select banner ads included in their package at no additional cost. Gold members can place these ads at any time. There are additional ad placements and types available to purchase under the "Social Ads" page.


The Marketplace is where you can post specific products, services, packages and more. There is no charge to list here


Brides and Grooms like to know that others have used your company with positive results. They will make their decisions based on reviews from people they do not know. Invite all of your past clients to give you a review on our site. When couples see your have 10-20 5 star reviews they will choose you.


When you sign up for our Affiliate program which is FREE to sign up for. When you use your unique code links on your website, email, social media posts and other places. When Vendors follow those links and sign up you will earn a commission off from their qualifieing purchases. You earn on membership fees, paid advertising, sponsorships and more. And if affiliates you sign up, become affiliates, you will earn 5 levels deep.

Create Blog

You are an expert in your field. Share your knowledge with Brides, Grooms and other vendors. This will not only boost your exposure on our site but also show you as an Expert that will help Brides and Grooms choose you over your competitors. Also, you will be able to see likes and comments on your blog, so that you can see potential leads and make contact.

Create Event

Events on MiDreamWedding.com must be wedding related. Events such as Bridal Show, Open house for brides or couples for a venue, Trunk Shows etc.

Create Poll

Have a burning question you want to find out how Brides and Grooms really think? Create a Poll and promote it. It will give you great insite to how couples think. It will also give you added exposure. The more places that couples see you the better chance you have of sellling them. Also, you will be able to see who has taken the poll, and you can reach out them.

Create Discount / Deal / Coupon

A Great way to boost sales is to offer a discount or deal on products or services. If you have dates that are not booking run a special. Post discounted rates for Off Peak days, weeks, months. Looking to book more Fridays, offer a discount. This will also give you another place that couples will see your name and logo to keep your company top of mind.

Create Contest

Everyone likes to win. Create a contest with a free product or service as a top prize. Not only will this be engaging to Brides and Grooms, but you will also create a leads list of all of the couples that entered but did not win. You know they have an intersted in your services.


See Suggested members, blogs, contests and other content on the site based on how you use the site.

Site Print Tutorials / Site Video Tutorials

We have a ton of features on this site, we know it can get confusing. We have printed and video instructions for most of the features on the site.

Membership Levels / Compare Membership Packages

There are currently 2 vendor options for membership on MiDreamWedding.com : Vendor FREE and Vendor GOLD.  Vendor Gold gives over $1000 in Value for only $99/ yr. Compare the cost to a Bridal Show or other online advertising. We are not only a great value but a great way to boost your business.

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